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The Insanity is Starting

Insane Season with TrumpOMG. The insane political season has started. I suspected that it was going to be crazy with 15 Republicans vying for nomination but when Trump entered the race, the craziness skyrocketed with his comments about the Mexicans. Normally, I don’t write about politics as it’s not my thing but Trump really takes the cake.

Like, Mexico is sending in their murderers and rapists, with the implied suggestion that all Mexicans are murderers, drug dealers and rapists. Umm, how about those construction workers who build your buildings? The image I have of the poor Latinos, and poor they generally are, are those working in janitorial services and construction. I also know some Latinos who have received a college education. They actually span the whole class spectrum, except the upper end. He probably knows some Hispanics himself, and yet he is making a very broad-based comment about them, completely forgetting those he knows.

Like, his attack on John McCain for being captured and saying he was a loser for being captured. Umm, how about the real loser is someone who received a deferment rather than go into military service? He did not man up and put himself in harm’s way. Normally I’m not a fan of the military but it does take a special person to sign up for the possibility of serious injury or death. Trump didn’t serve his country that he supposedly love; he’s more in love with himself.

Like, his brouhaha regarding Obama’s birth certificate. I just finished watching some YouTube videos on the little spat between Bill Maher and Trump. Somehow, when I was researching on Trump, I was led to the videos on the lawsuit that Trump filed against Bill Maher for Bill Maher’s characterization of Trump’s birth origins. The videos were hilarious and call into question Trump’s intelligence.

Like, Trump saying the size of his wealth depends on his mood? Really, he said that? His mood determines his wealth size?

And the really scary thing is that a sizable segment of the Republican party support Trump because he “tells like it is”. But he comes across more as a joke, and the fact that he comes across as a joke makes me fear the support is greater than reported, but that the folks remain silent. Kind of like the tip of an iceberg. It is scary to think that there may be a large swath of Americans who are pro-Trump because he has swagger and is a celebrity and not because he will do the right thing for the country. I don’t know if these Americans are thinking beyond the surface celebrity glamour- we are very shallow thinkers who have been brought up on the drivel from TV and now can’t recognize white trash.

Oh, boy, this is going to be a long political season.

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