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There are still dinosaurs living amongst us

DinosaursAnd they are not lizards.

Okay, I got a little surprise earlier in the week. I was giving the supervisors training on the automated report and one supervisor said one of her folks asked about doing the report manually. That person felt she loses the knowledge if the computer was doing it all for her. And I can sympathize with that problem; except, she hadn’t been doing the report before so she is not really losing anything. Another person, who was not a supervisor, chimed in about how folks who have been doing the report for a while, had no problem doing the report manually. And that doing it manually forces them to look at the numbers to be sure it is accurate.

I’m all about accuracy which is why I automate as much as I can because there is no getting around the fact that computers will calculate faster, better and much more accurately than I ever can, once it is set up properly. Now that most of the people are trained and are building the habit of doing the report, the focus can shift to the veracity of the numbers. I can get at the concerns about inaccuracy and delve into the causes of them. With real examples, it will be easier to find the causes of the inaccuracies and fix it. And, I do provide an out in the file where folks can make adjustments to the numbers if they are incorrect, so we can still have some automation.

So far, most of the supervisors do not want to do the report manually and some of the property managers at the larger sites also do not want to go manually. As a matter of fact, one of them was telling my boss how wonderful and easy it was doing the report. I then asked her if she would like to do it manually since someone brought it up and she said “No way”. So, I think for this team, we will be using the automatic report. Whether it spreads to the newer sites remains to be seen. It might take time but I think eventually people will come around and want to try it and may find they like it. And if people will tell me what the issues are, I might even be able to fix it. We can only go forward; we can’t go backwards.

I mean, would you want to go back to the days before we had the internet?

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