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Too Distracted to Post

Too Distracted - three storms in the Atlantic/Gulf

This will be a quick post because I am too distracted by the three storms sitting in the Atlantic/Caribbean/Gulf. After Hurricane Harvey, our town can't take on more water until everything has subsided. Just to the north of me, there are some homes still flooded.

Irma is not supposed to come here, so why am I so anxious? Well, the meteorologists have said this is a category 5 and they have never seen anything like this. It even set off earthquake warnings (although, in hind sight, I wonder if those warnings were a precursor to the 8.1 earthquake in Mexico?). So if the meteorologists have never seen anything like this, then they are operating in uncharted waters. The models might not handle the dynamics of the storm correctly because there has been nothing like this in history. (Remember what happen to the models in the housing market back in 2008? I think the rise in prices in every housing market was unusual and was not baked in the models) What if the cold front is not strong enough to deter Irma? I'm guessing that route to the north is a consequence of Irma hitting

the cold front (I'm not a meteorologist and have no training in weather systems, so I'm guessing here), but maybe that turn to the north requires the front to be strong enough to change the path.

I can't rest easy until I actually see the storm move north and that's anticipated to happen this weekend. So, once Irma and Jose turn north I can rest easy. Hopefully by Sunday night I can star posting again.

By the way, the world seems crazy right now: raging fires off in the West, Northwest, earthquake in Mexico, and three hurricanes in Atlantic/Caribbean/Gulf - two of them major.

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