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Violence Appears to Extend to Democratic Party

It looks like violence has extended to the Democratic Party, too. I think there are some disputes as to whether Bernie's supporters have truly been violent like those on the Republican side but there appears to be agreement that there have been heated words or talk about Democratic process being rigged against Bernie Sanders. I don't know...I think he already knew what the rules were and the voters are just turning out more for Hillary. Hillary's supporters may not be as vocal as Sanders' but there appears to be more of them.

Whatever the case may be, I think the brewing violence is a sign of deep angst in the American public and they are ready for change. However, they may not be thinking very clearly about what the source of the problem is or what could be the solution. On the Republican side, they think it's the foreigners such as the Mexicans or the Muslims. Unfortunately those folks are hurting just like us. The Democratic side feels it's large international businesses or capitalism that's the source of the growing inequality. They are probably closer to the mark but the solutions offered sound too expensive, not too credible or just too far to the left of what Republicans will accept (and there are still quite a few of them to cause problems - you need to get past them to get anything done.)

So, American businesses, especially the large ones, need to sit up and pay attention. You're going to need to think broader in terms of serving society rather than a narrow focus on shareholders. You will need to start directing some of the economic growth towards your workers (who did help you grow) and not just pile all of the rewards on yourself and the shareholders (who really didn't do anything other than complain). And everybody, business schools and companies, need to start talking about a different kind of capitalism than the unbridled free for all, dog eat dog competition that serves only a narrow class of people: the wealthy shareholders.

If you don't, the people may support something very different that's inimical to businesses.

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