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What a Relief – Doug Jones Defeated Roy Moore

Thank You Alabama

Well, that's a relief - Alabama actually voted in Doug Jones rather than Roy Moore, an admitted pervert. I didn't think Alabama would elect Doug Jones - I wasn't having much faith in them or Americans in general. Doug Jones succeeded because the blacks came out in force and I would like to thank them for that. They really needed to in order to save themselves. I would also like to thank some of the courageous Republicans for either staying home, voting for a write-in or actually voting a Democrat with their conscience. It must have been really hard to make the choice of voting in a Democrat, but he really was a better candidate. It would have been absolutely horrifying, embarrassing if an admitted pervert - never mind accused child molester, (I'll give him innocent until proven guilty) - became a Senator. 

The Europeans are elated too. They are saying that there is hope for America, there are some element of sanity in the American populace. 

But there were way too many whites voting for Roy Moore. The evangelicals in particular were appalling. I don't understand how they could throw away their morals because they couldn't vote for a Democrat. Yes, abortions are bad but pursuing young girls just feels worse because they are ALIVE and LIVING. I understand both are horrible choices but an unhealthy interest in young teenagers is worse and creepy.

A lot of people appear elated; even some of the Republicans are happy because they won't have to deal with the repercussions of having such a person in the Senate. A Roy Moore in the senate would be a blemish for the Republican party. I don't understand how the evangelicals or the white Alabamians in the rural areas don't understand the gravity of what it would have meant to have Roy in the Senate.

Thomas Friedman had an article that articulates very well the gratitude and the relief.

If the votes had gone for Roy Moore, my picture would have been different:

I own their souls

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