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The Inequality Discussion


I read an article this morning about how companies will soon have to report wage data. The hope is to shine a light on the iniquities of our wage system and maybe even dampen the escalating salary increases of senior executives relative to their employees. However, the article brought up some good points that would cause one to be wary of what will result from this. There have been a few companies that have been transparent about their wage data but the inequality was still there. It was found that the companies had to have discussions about hidden bias and work really hard on making sure that wages were fair. Sometimes people just have an excuse for how things are or double down on the shareholder mantra.

So, we could end up just making people angry (as if they are not already angry, based upon this election cycle) rather than bringing about much needed changes.

It will be interesting how this turns out. We sure do live in interesting times.

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